Savannah's and Reese' Picture Page
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First PB-J     Lil' Resee
Sure would like a taste of that Dog Food     A tired Lil' Resee
Chewing on a Tape     Christmas Kids
Eatin me some sweet Taters     Christmas Maurice
Happy Lil Baby!     Lisa & Maurice
Luvin the Camera      
I want to watch a Movie      
Big Smile!!!      
Gettin into something      
Mommy are you sure this is Food?      
I love my PaPa      
I love Granny a little too      
You takin a Picture of Me?      
Makin a mess again!      
Momma and her babies      
Daddy and his babies      
Just cant leave stuff alone!!      
My Favorite Toy      
Brent & Savannah      
Family Pictures

Mom, Dad and their babies

Mom, Dad and their babies

One more of the Kings

Dad and his kids

Dad and his new little bundle of Joy!!


Kin Folks

Uncle Brent and his niece      
Uncle Brent and his niece playin      
Grand Ma and her first grandbaby      

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